UPDATE: The two Cuteheads who were on either side of the Savannah & Manning legs have graciously both agreed to extend their driving by an hour, to meet halfway in that leg.  What wonderful people to volunteer more of their time and gas for these kitties! If you want to participate in a Cutehead transport in the future, please fill out this form: http://bit.ly/cutetransport

This Saturday’s transport with the Cuteheads from Your Daily Cute includes Brutus & Marigold from The Royals and also Hagrid, who is going to Mom Danielle in Rhode Island.  The missing leg of this epic transport is from Savannah, GA to Manning, SC.  If this leg doesn’t happen, then the whole transport falls through.  This transport will be going through this area in the afternoon of Saturday, March 9th.  This transport stretches from Miami, Florida to Rhode Island, and involves a lot of kitties going to their new Forever Homes.
Please re-post and share to anyone and everyone you know in these areas!

If someone can help, please have them fill out this form: http://bit.ly/cutetransport

Here is a picture of Hagrid, being rescued from the shelter.  Please help him get to Mom Danielle!