The Mommie of Troublin’ Times sent us a message:
I need some advice please. On the advice of the vet I have always fed Callie and Sassy Science Diet Indoor dry cat food. This seemed to work good both nutrient wise and with Sassy’s delicate stomach (the phrase delicate stomach is my polite way of saying that I now know every possible way of cleaning up kitty vomit known to mankind!). Sassy’s stomach issues are just with the vomiting – not bathroom, itching or any other problems.  
Well recently Science Diet Indoor changed their formula and the cats DO NOT approve (not to mention Sassy’s stomach which definitely does not approve). My vet has recommended the following foods (but said that almost any sensitive stomach brand would be good). Have any of you had any experience with these formulas or suggestions for “delicate” stomach food? Thank you for the help.
Royal Canin Special 33
ProPlan Sensitive Skin & Stomach Formula
Iams Proactive Health Adult Digestive Care
Hills Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach