truman after

Mom Mary Anne, who does cat rescue, reports: “I have a situation with a foster family who adopted a kitty and fell fast in love with him. Both of them; Truman the cat and Kiley his adopted mom, have overcome such major obstacles of abuse and neglect and they both need each other. She will be losing her home and having to move into an apartment with a stiff pet penalty, a one-time pet deposit charge.  In order to help her out, I have blogged about the situation at Feral Cat Behavior, and hope you might spread the word with your members and ask them to Tweet about it of put it on their Facebook page. I would hate to see Truman set back by yet another abandonment.”   You can read more about Truman’s story on Feral Cat Behavior’s blog, and view his before & after  his adoption pictures below.
There is a donate button on the Feral Cat Behavior blog, to help Kiley with her pet deposit for Truman.

truman collage