Following is from Cynthia, Firefly’s foster:

Its with tears that I’m writing this –  tears of joy.  As Firefly’s foster I was so scared for her safety but the outpouring of help and the huge effort that was made to get her back home has just been unbelievable.  We had a group of volunteers that were tireless in their efforts to find her.  Even more unbelievable were the efforts of so many individuals that didn’t  personally know me or Firefly but went out of their way to network, provide offers of assistance or just sent a note to offer emotional support.

All kitties are special but Firefly and I have been through a lot.  Firefly was rescued from the Collin County shelter as a barely two pound kitten.  Almost immediately upon her rescue she became severely ill –  she had a severe upper respiratory infection that didn’t respond well to medication so the vet recommended the use of a nebulizer.  Several nebulizer treatments later and Firefly was over her upper respiratory but unfortunately she ended up needing vet care for another medical condition which actually required surgery – twice.

Through all of this, Firefly purred away at every vet visit and maintained one of the best personalities of any kitten I have fostered.  FHS spent a large amount of money to get her well, and she and I bonded deeply through the ordeal.  Firefly recovered from everything and became a playful, fun loving girl.
Once we were sure she was well, she went for her first visit to our adoption center.  Firefly impressed multiple people including unfortunately two teenage boys who wanted to give her as a birthday present to a friend.  Unable to adopt her they apparently decided to come back the next day and cut open a lock to her cage to steal her.   They ran out of the store with her and were gone before the store management could do anything.

The power of networking is huge and the plea that was put out to find Firefly found its way to literally hundreds of people.  Fortunately for Firefly one of those individuals was a foster for Cat Matchers who happened to have a teenage son.  She was diligent in talking to his friends about anything they might know about any teenagers with a kitten.

Unbelievably she found some teens with information on what had happened to Firefly.  Based on her information, Firefly had ended up without a home and she was deeply concerned for her safety.  To ensure that she was returned unharmed and very quickly she offered $1,000 reward if the teens having information would bring Firefly to her home.  Shortly thereafter Firefly was safe with the Cat Matchers volunteer and she contacted FHS.

There were literally hundreds of people who were also doing the same networking in an effort to help us.  I’d like to express my gratitude to all of you please know that each and every one of you is greatly appreciated.

We did have multiple offers of financial support.  We would like to repay the individual who gave the reward in order to find Firefly.  We are also working cooperatively with management of our adoption center to see if they will allow us to place cameras in the adoption center which will also require funds.  I’m awful about asking for money – I hate doing it – but in this case I’d like to ask for your financial support for these two objectives.  Its hard to balance all the funding needs as so many animals need medical treatment (Firefly had over $600 of medical work obviously not covered by an adoption fee) and kitten season is coming soon so our expenses will be huge.  I would ask however that in this case if you are able and could help us financially it would be appreciated.  Any money not used for the reward or the camera’s (if we’re allowed to put them in by management) will be used for medical treatment for our foster dogs and cats.  We are a totally volunteer organization and all the money goes to the animals.

Thank you so very very much for everything.  You are the best – adopters, volunteers, friends, fellow rescuers and just people who care.  You have my gratitude for a lifetime.

Cynthia J. – Frisco Humane Society

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