From Alley Cat Allies:

A high-ranking representative of the National Audubon Society just published a major newspaper editorial calling on the public to kill millions of cats by poisoning them with Tylenol.

In the Orlando Sentinel, Ted Williams, editor-at-large for Audubon Magazine, advised readers that Tylenol is “a completely selective feral-cat poison.”

This isn’t just cruel and irresponsible, but also illegal. Poisoning is a slow and cruel death for cats. Reckless doesn’t even cover it. Someone from a national animal advocacy organization advocating poisoning cats is a dangerous new low.

Please join Alley Cat Allies and send an email directly to the National Audubon Society CEO David Yarnold and Chairman B. Holt Thrasher calling on them to denounce this shameful, hateful article. Mr. Williams must be removed from his office immediately.

TAKE ACTION: Tell the Audubon Society to fire Ted Williams for advocating that millions of cats be poisoned!

Article and photo used by permission of Alley Cat Allies.