Tigmut'hep in the run face

It is with sad hearts that we report that the handsome Tigmut’hep has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  Tig’s Mom Jacquie wrote on facebook, “Tigs just passed about 15 mins ago, in his own time and with all of us at his side… He’d had a long battle with cancer and following surgery had a little over a year with no signs of it at all. However when it cam back 13 months ago it did so far too swiftly for more surgery to deal with, so we decided to give him as much good time as nature would give him and that was a lot more than expected. Well he always was a stubborn cat and insisted on having things his way! He seemed to rally and stayed fit and active regardless into his last full month of life, when knowing how much he hated going to the vets or anywhere in the car, we decided to let him have his own way to the end and pass in his own time unless he showed any signs of pain…So while we have all been deeply upset by his passing, we know we did all we could to give him the life he wanted; full of toy cars, Lego men that he could run off with in his mouth, peas he could chase accross the kitchen floor before horrifying the other cats and eating them, fresh meat to chew on, wanders in the garden, and most of all cuddles with Duncan – who he loved more than anyone else in the house, even if we fed him!
Goodbye Tigs, you were much loved and no one else can ever fill your place in quite the same way…”

Run free at the Bridge, Tigs.  You will be missed, and always loved.


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