Mom Toni from The Big Piney Woods reported on facebook, “It is with a horrible emtpy sadness and much tears I am taking Mistrie to Dr. Kathy for her final journey to the bridge.”

Toni emailed to us:  “I will be helping Mistrie Rose, one of the cats of the Big Piney Woods, to the Bridge today.    She is done suffering.  Mistrie came to us 9 years ago, feral.  Through the years I socialized her and could sit next to her and she would purr for me.  She never allowed me to come at her from the front or pick her up.  Today, she cried to me as her sick eyes told me “it is time.”  I picked her up and put her in the carrier, light as a feather, she didn’t protest.  She will be playing with Patches and all her friends at the Rainbow Bridge, free of pain and warm and happy.   Fly free sweet girl, you will always be in our heart.”

We were hoping that Mistrie Rose would rally and get stronger, after the previous update, but we understand that sometimes, it is time for our furry friends to run off to the Rainbow Bridge.  Our love and sympathy goes out to Toni, and we ask that you click on over to The Big Piney Woods and leave condolences.