Rest In Peace, Elinor

Many of you know of Aunt Elinor, who was the best friend of Mom Sharon from Friends FurEver  for over twenty years.
Elinor passed away this afternoon, after a valiant battle with cancer.  Sharon hasn’t posted on her own blog yet, so you can leave condolences for her here or on the Cat Blogosphere facebook page.  We send Sharon much love and many hugs, and our heartfelt condolences.
Mom Ann from Zoolatry, who designed this beautiful graphic for Elinor, adds, “The loss of one, is a loss to all of us.  Our beautiful, kind Elinor ~ wearing a smile in spite of all that came her way.  Best friend of Sharon, Friends FurEver, has left the pain of Earth for the joy of Heaven.  Please share your sympathy with her friends, her family, her sweet little Trooper.  May God always watch over them all.”