ORF Monthly Announcement
Our Rainbow Friends, a monthly blog for friends loved and lost, has now published for the month of February 2013.  Mom Ann from Zoolatry is so wonderful at creating the graphics and posts for this site, and if you have a submission for Our Rainbow Friends, there is a ‘contact’ link right under the header of that site.  
Our Rainbow Friends, Monthly Post

Update: Mom Ann from Zoolatry sent us a correction: “Thank you for “crediting” Zoolatry with the dedication, work and creativity that goes into this special blog each month … but it is not ours to accept.  While true that we designed the site a bit over a year ago, it was done for two other special people who give a great deal of time to it: Amber da Weenies hu-mom, Linda does all the graphics and publishing each month.  Jed and Abby’s hu-mom (who does not have a blog) is the “magic behind” the curtain, managing it all.
Both deserve a big paws up for the love and care they give to all Our Rainbow Friends.  Thank you, from Ann of Zoolatry”
We regret the errors in our initial report.  We extend our gratitude to the team that makes Our Rainbow Friends happen every month.