katie glasses CB

Hi everyone, Katie here.

As a cat blogger, I often receive requests from companies to review their products. Everything from food to litter to toys to…… WHA??? Eyeglasses!?! A handful of my blogging friends have received repeated requests from Firmoo the Global Online Optical Store to review their eyeglasses. The email is canned… “Dear Blogger…We think your lovely readers would love our products…blah, blah.” Products mind you, that have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with cats. I’m willing to overlook the occasional request from dog food companies. Yes, it’s insulting that they don’t take the time to even glance at my blog’s home page to realize I’m a CAT. But at least they know I have fur.

So after the SIXTH request from the crazy eyeglass people, I thought…WHY NOT?! This could be fun. So I replied back to Firmoo and let them know I’d be happy to provide an unbiased review in exchange for a free pair of glasses. Well my package arrived just last week and my review is featured today on GLOGIRLY.com. Pop on over, I think you’ll enjoy my point of view. heh-heh.

I wonder though if they’ll EVER figure out I’m a cat.

~ Katie