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Hi all, I have a new friend to introduce you to, LouLou from Living With LouLou.  Hope you can click on over for a visit.
~ Little Isis

Hello Little Isis,
Thank you for inviting me to let you know me. I’m a Tuxedo kitty–at least that’s what some people call me–others call me black-and-white and that’s it. In Italy I am a “Smoking” kitty–haha (that means tuxedo in Italian).

My blog was inspired because I see things going on in the world from two countries, France and Italy, and I have some observations that I’d like to share with other kitties.
My mama is a writer, illustrator, gardener, painter, cook and papa is a retired screen writer/director and they love Europe and sold their company in Los Angles, which was Buona Forchetta Hand Made Breads, and moved to both countries, more or less.
I hope you’ll learn more on Living With LouLou and I would love comments. Mama is pretty good at answering questions about cooking and such, because she has written three cook books.
As they say in California (I hate this but it’s funny), “Thanks for listening.”