Little Isis: Hi Jb Bean, thanks for agreeing to be my very first interview for the Cat Blogosphere!  Let’s get started, tell me about the cats in your family and how you started blogging.

Jb: I first started blogging JB’s Small World 5 years ago Jan 2008!  I also have a blog about animals called JB’s Big World, but mom has not been able to help me keep that one up this year.  Silly mom, I started blogging because mom saw some article in USA Today about making money with google ads on a personal blog.  Since mom is much more boring than I am, she let me have a blog!  Of course we did not make any money from google ads.  Back then I had two other sissies, Misty and PooPoo who sadly both went to the Bridge in early 2009.  Then my CatHouse filled up very quickly in 2009, with Chester, CocoBean, Armani, Gaia and last but not least, Charli!  Chester (silly brown tabby), CocoBean (pesky Ragdoll) and Armani (doodalicious silver shaded Persian) were officially adopted by mom, but then Gaia (Chester’s birth mama, also a tabby) and Charli (little tuxedo) schmoozed their way into my house purrmanently from being fosters.  We have a full house now.  All of us get along pretty well considering there are 6 of us.  Everyone minds me, because I am the TopCat.

Little Isis: Tell us about your blog and what makes it unique. 
Jb:  My is JB’s Small World, and it  is about me and my sibs, and stuff we do.  Its a small, small world for us cats because we don’t go outside, but we have a lot of fun!  I talk about what the 6 of us do, and sometimes I let mom write some stuff about her too.   Mostly my blog is for my mom because we make mom smile, especially when she has a bad day.  Mom always talks about how when she is 90, she will look back at my blog and smile.  She also got my blog posts made into a few books, so she will always have us with her!
Little Isis: What are some challenges about being a long-time cat blogger?
Jb:  Challenges, hhhmmm.  It is hard to think of new things to write about, but at least there are 6 of us, and not just me, so SomeCat usually has some issue or idea I can write about.  With 6 different purrsonalities, there is a lot that goes on in our heads.  A lot of times, I just post new pics of us, because mom loves taking pics of cats, and she thinks we are all beautiful.  Another challenge would be that our mom does not have the time to help me visit blogs nearly as much any more, due to her work.  We miss our friends and reading about their adventures a lot.
Little Isis: Now, a bit of information just about you!  How do you get along with the other cats in your home?
Jb:  As I mentioned, I am the TopCat in my house.  I am the senior cat, and will be 13 in May.  I am also the smallest at just under 7 pounds, so mom laughs at me sometimes, at how I keep order in the house!  I do have to fight sometimes to make a point, and that is usually with CocoBean and Charli.  Sometimes they think they can get one over on me, but they are wrong.  Armani is twice my size, but he knows that when I make a certain  little chirping sound, he is to walk around me and not bother me.  Chester is no trouble at all, but that Gaia, she scares me!  I stay clear of Gaia!
Little Isis: What’s your favorite color, and favorite treat?
Jb:  Pink is my favorite color, just like my fave bed I like to sleep in in our family room!  And pink is also the color of FISHY FLAKES, my favorite treat!  I go wild for fishy flakes!  Sometimes I inhale them too fast and get them stuck on my nose!
Little Isis: If you could teleport into another cat blog, which one would it be, and why?

Jb: Katnip Lounge!  We are fascinated by this thing they have called a Catio.  We asked mom for a catio but she said no.  Any way, we think they are a bunch of cool cats, and they have a lot of funny things to say, plus Maui is like Chester’s twin!  We wish we could read their blog and other friends’ blogs more.

Little Isis:  We love the catio at Katnip Lounge, too.  Take it from me, catios are awesome.  Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions for me, Jb.  I really appreciate it!



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