Hi Everyone! How do you do this Cat blogging stuff??? I’ve never done this before…the keys are kinda hard to ….er….reach, sometimes…but oh well, here we go!
 I guess first I should share a picture of me, it’s my baby picture…with me & mommy!
And here is a picture of my ‘teenage’ years:
What I would give to have that body back!!!! Now, after having 8 kittens, I feel a bit fat….ergh!!! How do you lose all that baby weight, anyway????
You see??? This is me now….fluffy fur ball! I must start working out again and see if I can loose this weight!!! Err….. I hate being chubby like this!
So, who am I? What do I do?
 I am Nermal Whiskers. I like to think I am a Classy Outdoor Kitty. Every cat must find their place in this world, some chose indoors, some choose outdoors.
 I choose Outdoors.
 My human tries to take me into the house sometimes, to see if I like it there, but I always firmly tell her “NO!”. I am a Cat of adventure, I am a free spirit, I like to roam, and come and go as I please. Outdoors is the place for me, I hate pampering and fuss. I do like a good petting now and them, and I’m very particular about my food!
 Sometimes I get to have some of my Human’s leftover food….oh! I love those days!!! Chicken, dripping with greasy goodness, salted potatoes, leftover gravy….mmmm!!! I love those meals. I usually get my usual cat food, though. And it’s pretty good. I’m not very picky about the kinds, but right now I’ve been eating my tri-flavored Salmon, Chicken, and Beef….it’s sooo amazing! I think I might just make human buy it all the time!
 Several weeks ago, I had my second batch of kittens! Last year I had three, but they grew up and were adopted into new homes. This year I had four more!!!! I’m still trying to think of names for them, they are soooo cute!!!
 I’ll try to post pictures of them soon on mt blog, I don’t have very many good ones yet, they so tiny they don’t like to pose! :)
 I am the Cat of the Place. I used to share it with my brother, Charlie, but Charlie always liked to roam, and he wondered off. He comes back now and then to say “Hi” but he’d rather travel. He’s that way, he hates responsibilities and restrictions. “Let me live my life, you live yours.” He told me when I begged him to stay. Sometimes he sends home a letter or two, I’ll have to share them when I get them. There are a lot of Cats in our family, and we have  a lot of friends. I hope to share more about them on my blog.  Come visit my blog!
I love blog post suggestions, and any suggestions really!!! And I love meeting new kitties!!
+ the four kittens who have no idea what a blog is, really.